Musa’s Box

° 4 days completely alone (except for Mela, my doggy!)
° sit on the couch
° Inspirational Bellydance
° “Jumbo”‘s sandwiches
° hugs
° hippies who asked me to touch my braid as a lucky charm XD
° being almost done with cleaning up the Nook
° a trip to Leroy Merlin with my aunt (where I’ve found the super cute wallpaper… plus other handy things)
° the new train line between Pavia (where I live) and Milan (where I work), just one train and I can save money on subway
° ingenious Mr Faun, and everybody complimenting him for it U_U
° pictures from Singapore… and little surprises! What’s it??? Surprise! D’oh! XD
° dark red lipstick
° tons of ideas
° emails and gmail’s chat
° mixed chips
° a serious job contract… and celebrating it
° the couch in its right place
° the pillow in its right place on the couch… in its right place 😀
° peperoni (even thought I think I’m somewhat intolerant, they’re way too god!)
° synesthesia test… apparently I have some!
° organize lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a too much long while
° Zoeva’s packaging which came in very quickly :) (and Metallic Stones palette *_* and the brushes *_*)
° debut novels I can’t stand because they wake up a tiny voice that says “well, at least thew STARTED writing, uh? What are we going to do missy?”
° an evening spent chatting, planning cool stuff and using new words
° kittens kneading on your stomach
° mythological creatures: tomorrow they will finally be in the same timetable!

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