Musa’s box

Here we are again, with lists of things you’re grateful for: from being alive to really comfy shoes, from having a home with food and water inside it to perfectly on time bus.
Will you link me yours?
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° going out for dinner, in a dandy place, for once you can do it!
° eat well
° going out from the office to get back straight at Mr. Faun
° huge mixed salads
° 50% off on flatbreads
° The King’s speech
° Helena (Bonham Carter, of course)
° sleep untill you aren’t sleepy anymore
° going to the train station a little earlier to have more time to read
° the new moon that really looks like the cheshire cat’s smile
° a sunday with a family
° try playing with Kinect… I still prefer Wii
° Mario Party (even though it should be better to play in four people)
° Yoshi U_U
° Hop the drummer bunny
° find a positive side to shyness: it doesn’t make you full of hot air 😛
° tidying up as a purifying process
° In the mood – Glenn Miller (I’d say you should listen to it while reading this, some sort of reading clue)
° almost an entire week with sun and warm temperatures
° birds tweeting again in the trees
° rings finally shipped
° zinc oxide paste and tea tree essential oil
° being really able to transform a bad news into a good chance, ehi! all these lists really work :)
° reading till the dead of night to finish a book (yes, I finished Harry Potter… can I start anew?!)
° my first swap on the net, it went pretty well!
° sign for causes I believe in and join the manifestation, with my ladies, this sunday, Italy should be a country for women.

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s box

  1. Stella

    Bellezza, domenica vado anche io! Magari ci vediamo, che dici?
    Seconda cosa: sto tenendo un lab di teatro e scrittura drammaturgica, abbiamo già un gruppetto base, ma ci vorremmo ampliare per produrre uno spettacolo. Ti può interessare? Mi aiuteresti a divulgare la notizia?
    Bacilli euforilli!

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