Musa’s Box for the new year

Here’s my list of nice for this change-of-year-time :) Where’s yours?

° finally listeningo to my friend Chiara and dig in Bartimaeus trilogy
° the waiting for happy things
° ibuprofen, always and ever, and Clothilde purring on my belly
° Sa, because sometimes (always) he deserves his own bulletpoint, just because :)
° dinner at my cousin’s, and having the chance to flip over the pages of Jung’s Red Book *_*
° high quality incense
° house chores for two. Way faster!
° a quick grocery shopping for dec 31st and jan 1st dinners (I invited my parents and my borther). These were the menus, on the 31st: canapés (lart; cream cheese and anchovies; white truffle spread), pink pepper salmon filets, and waldorf-like salad and cheers with cola&vermuth. On the 1st: croutons like the ones already mentioned, ginger ale, spaghetti with seafood and pinot grigio. Yummy U_U
° january 1st, that already shifted to 2nd, and talking under the blankets
° a sparkly beginning
° starting a detox regimen (around 20 days with plenty of herbal teas and meals with a lot of healthy stuff and no fats/sugar, this is overdue after christmas holidays!)
° writing down well organized new year’s resolutions (ah, the small pros of being a little OCD sometimes!)

And now let’s give heartfelt thanks to 2012 for the following happy things:

° freedom
° abundant and productive itnrospection
° feeling like myself and not anymore like someone I do not recognise
° Sa
° living together
° our Nook, so beautiful and always more beautiful
° Clothilde, more than “just a pet”, she’s a furry sister
° being clear on what I want. And take some steps toward that direction
° finally understanding that “everything now and perfect” does not exist, accept it, act accordingly
° Euforilla, all prepped and beautiful
° Carnival Oubli, my creativity on wings
° nice people I’ve met
° family, always there
° lessons I’ve learned
° friends, they are a family I choose myself (or that choose me!)
° travels I’ve had (Madrid, Paris, the beach, the mountains :D)

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