Euforilla’s Semiserious Guide to Accessories

Even my 8yrs old cousin knows it (when she was five she would show you a toy and add “And it’s also got all the accessooooriiiiies”): that’s it, accessories are something more, like coloured monpareils on the cake: they change how it looks, but not how it tastes, nor are necessaries, and can be too many.
How do you choose them? I can’t help you that much on this topic, latins already thought about it de gustibus non disputandum est (literally you can’t argue about tastes).

But let’s try to get some order: we have scarves, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair bands and pins and hair stuff, watches, purses, perfumes, nail polish, makeup and hairdos.
Yes, makeup and hair are accessories too, though I need another post for them, next time, ok?
We have shoes left, but this is because they are both necessary and the ability to change a look, and more they too can have spikes, chains, flowers and so on.
I’ve got just one thing to say about shoes, actually about heels: it may be true that they make anyone look taller and slender, but it’s also true that if you can’t wear them comfortably it will show, so avoid wearing them untill you’ve practiced enough, otherwise that “Oh my gosh I’m walking on fresh eggs” won’t exactly flatter you.

It’s widely reknown that bijoux &co. can give an outfit the right tool of interpretation, can also change it from this to this (please imagine me making a sign with my hand out, like flipping side of a pan): a ton of bracelets, earrings, neclkaces and rings can shoot you directly into flower power or, as we say where I come from, make you look like you are “Our Lady of petrol” (whether it’s about wooden beads and teal, or glistening glittering yellow gold), or decide between bon ton or preppy from a single, fine golden bracelet&necklace (pearls or cute charm?). This much, without changing anything of your “base” outfit.
Sometimes accessories may also be part of your signature: you’re easily spotted in a crowd thanx to your hairpiece, or people gift you with butterflies shaped stuff because you always wear one, or they tell you something like “Oh I thought of you the other day when I saw a watch that you’d have loved”.

Again, on this topic there can be just a few general advices.
Less is more: this is soooo old, but always a good one, looking like Our Lady of petrol is way too easy, even when you don’t want to. And with that humongous amount of stuff you’re wearing you may loose track of that very piece you’re so fond of. Then maybe it’s better to use less stuff, but with more impact.
Proportion and perspective: my aunt (yes, I have a big family, very prepared, and I’m not scared to use it!) wanted me to make her some earrings “But not too long the pendant, I’ve already got a long face, need something to shorten it, a big bead on top and smaller ones on the bottom”. So here too we can use those tips and tricks for optical illusion I’ve mentioned in the post about physical shapes.
Five senses: not only proportions and optical illusions, but also colour! Ton sur ton, matchy matchy, or you can use those same theories to make a piece really stand out. Perfume is also something that can help you feel different (am I the only one who has different, for different occasions?); or tiny bells and jingling bracelets (I’m guilty for disrupting my parent’s nerves when, at 17, I used to wear cat bells in my shoelaces). Or again decide for a glitter and sequins galore, or something matted and subtle.
Coco Chanel: as anyone who’s seen Ugly Betty till the end knows, when something is wrong in an outfit try and take off the last thing you added, this links to the “less is more” and to making only the statement pieces to stand out.
Break the rules: I’ll never stress this enough, but you can follow all the rules, one each every rule, just a couple of your choice, none at all. About this and about all the other stuff we discussed, it’s totally up to you, to your tastes and to your very own style 😉

Ideas advices objections complaints genious tips?

My dear ladies, the giveaway is still running, a couple of weeks more, so feel free to jump in!!!

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4 thoughts on “Euforilla’s Semiserious Guide to Accessories

  1. Bunny

    Ha. I love the picture of Snape!
    I say that the more accessories the better!
    I also heard that an earring that is bigger than a quarter will make your face look big earrings draw attention to your face anyway.
    Great tips!

  2. Joanne Faith

    Eee such a sweet post. I think it is true that less is more when it comes to accessories. I do not wear many accessories… I prefer a simpler look. :)

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