Musa’s Box


° a weekend that tasted like summer vacation, time, hours of sleep, giant pancake, town feast…
° a vermuth in good company, laughing and talking about books and saying goodbye for the summer
° plucking my eyebrows and thinking “Well now Giadì would be happy” 😀
° painting my little cousin’s face with spirals, glitters and colours
° my green plants, they are survivers, because they resist even when I forget to water them
° Pinterest, it’s addictive, though non-toxic and it makes me daydream
° brothers and sisters, those you’re so confident in that you don’t even think about problems
° newborn friendships, with a writer who doesn’t know she’s one 😉 and who’s already inspiring me
° my new bento box!!! Two trays, red, with white polka dots on the lid, veeery kawaii!!! (and stores a lot of food too!)
° lunchbreak gossip
° good news at work, opportunities to catch (and trying to!)
° realizing that somehow there is already a lot of people who’s reading what I write, and tomorrow it’s going to be even more o_O
° lifting just a tiny bit the hem of a long skirt to walk on the staircaise, it makes me feel silly decadent and victorian
° books, they eat half hours away
° the privilege to let people think whatever they want: it’s not as much as not caring for their opinions (a good point nontheless, and a starting point for the next one), it’s about being so serene and sure about your own opinion, that there is nothing that can trouble that
° longing for a total black and other “gothic” stuff
° taking back crochet, even though I still have issues with the loop
° Mr Faun, always and ever, who notices how I’m feeling by how I write “Ciao” on skype
° True Blood, finally! And Pretty Little Liars too
° “Ricotta kisses”
° having the same nail polish as a retired woman, you rock unkown-grandma-on-the-metro!
° tentacles and octopuses
° Harry Potter, I can’t wait… and I’m sad too because movies are going to end too, but the nice thing is that you can re-read books and re-watch movies… Just a hint: HP marathon? Nobody? Maybe one per day, and we can go on for a week… by the end I’ll want some butterbeer…
° mythological creatures, they’re two wandering stars that met in an infinite universe and together they’re shining far away, more than anything

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