Musa’s Box

Here comes a list, written day by day this past week, of all those things I’m grateful for :)

lavoro a maglia

° I know it’s not that ecofriendly, but the air conditioning in our bedroom has been the best purchase for this year… I cannot afford to not sleep, I turn demonic as the Hulk and that’s no ecofriendly at all (even though it’s green)
° icecreams icecreams icecreams
° the little air stream that occurs between our windows at the Nook
° download a pattern from Ravelry: if I never try I’ll never learn, isn’t it? A shabby shawl for a delicate pink thread, which is very shabby on its own U_U Who knows when I’ll be done with it!!!
° thinking about things like Christmas presents, the silence during snow, the atmosphere when oustide is foggy+fingerless mittens+cup of hot milk+book+fireplace+couch+chamomile tea+TV series inside, my mind is hot and is looking for fresh weather too!
° fruit juice kept in the fridge
° my grandma’s chocolate cake
° small “sammarzano” tomatoes, soooo yummy!!!
° picking a date to leave for Calabria (and imposing my will for a croissant with icecream, otherwise it will make three years I don’t get a chance to taste it!!!)
° my Nook filled to the brim with ebooks *_*
° treating ourselves with a dinner out saturday night, just the two of us, for a sea-dish, taking advantage of the air conditioning in the restaurant, muhuhahahahaha
° witnessing, and giving a little help witch, all the redecoration and moving my friend is doing. See firsthand the future shabby chic room (and I could picture it all finished… it’s magazine worthy!) but most of all seeing the stunning transformation the kitchen underwent. For the fireplace there is still hope 😛
° see little bunnies spread out on the ground because it’s too hot, park my car underneath an hibiscus and going home with a lot of flowers on my windshield
° taking private lessons in knitting, to learn to decipher a pattern… yes I can!!!
° my cooking experiment: grilled zucchini slices, with cream cheese, smoked salmon, chives and black pepper, all rolled up like sushi. NOM!!!
° the cocktail night out
° a monday with thunderstorms, big clouds, strong winds… at least the weather was chillier afterwards (and I’d needed a sweater)
° try my hand at making a neckwarmer without pattern, I just thought of it and how I could make it… finding out in the end that it fits and the wool was enough!
° a chocolate pudding that reminded me so much of the one our grandparents used to buy for me and my brother when we were little *_*
° the road to Bereguardo and Motta Visconti, it’s so green, the cornfields ready for the reaping (it’s time), the sky a perfect blue (not that grey-light-lead-y-blue that it usually is in july, because of the humidity), it was good to the heart!
° a home made lasagna and a moelleux au chocolat with a red fruit sauce to die for (didn’t die, just wolfed it)!
° being able to follow, with good results, the pattern from Ravelry
° seizing a chance
° mom and her “attack plan” (after a spectatular pulpo a la gallega) and mom telling me “Take the leap!”
° three persons in a day telling me they like how I write (and if they say it three times, like in Beetlejuice…)
° the nice man at the fabric stall
° some ideas to refashion a couple of dresses that are waiting in my “to craft” pile
° mythological creatures

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