My big fat italian-spanish wedding 7: Guess who?

Take a ten year old girl, give her a phone with windows (sigh…), tell her to snap pictures of a dressup evening, let her do so while wearing sky-high wedges (which she says she rocks… well, if you mean rock and rolling like boats, yes, darling, you do) and try to get decent pictures out of that night of family women never being still, never shutting up.

The outcome is pictures that not even Photoshop in good hands could save… go figure what I could do out of it…

Anyway, both for privacy, both to have fun, I cut heads off (such a Queen of Hearts, am I not?) so it’s up to you to guess who’s who. There’s me (yes, with the baggy dress too), my mommy, aunt C, Aunt L, grandma and of course cousin E. Let’s see if you payed attention to my previous posts!!!

Picture 1:


Sssuuuuuuuuuuuper chic!

Picture 2:


Just a pinch on the waist…

Picture 3


With various option to her feet.

Picture 4:


Strike a pose!

Picture 5:


Swoosh (bisquit pink)

Picture 6:


SP. Sylvia Plath? No, Silly Pose.

Picture 7:


Ah, the tabs are so cool.

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One thought on “My big fat italian-spanish wedding 7: Guess who?

  1. Clara

    ecco diciamo giusto che queste erano le prove …. cosa succederà all’evento ???
    chi indosserà cosa ?
    chi rimarrà fedele alle sue scelte ?
    e … i capelli… le scarpe … il trucco … gli accessori …
    insomma staremo a vedere ….
    P.s.: come direbbe “Randy” il vestito verde ti rappresenta al meglio,
    ( il vestito a sacchetto viola lo rappresento meglio io !!!!!! )
    baci baci

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