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Today’s list of gratitude!!!


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° the weekend we spent on the mountains, the trees painting a beautifully coloured picture, the valley a painter’s palette, Craveggia and its Witch Festival, the super fresh and refreshing water
° my uber cool detachable almost medieval hood (I’ll have a tutorial)
° being disconnected (no cellphone, no wifi) for three days, so healthy!
° my parent’s dog behaving really well when on the leash, in the car and in a lounge bar
° walking her early in the morning, just me, her, the fog, the river and the mountain
° coming home to my Stinkerbell
° Sin City 2
° scarves, blankets, sweater weather… yes, it’s gray and foggy and super damp (I’d rather like a canadian-style autumn, with sunny skies and colourful trees, but hey, I’m in Pavia “we love fog and mosquitoes”…) but it also feels so cuddly!
° a morning spent at the hammam, I had it all to myself, and I came home all soft and pampered and smelling like orange blossoms, sooooo good!
° our favourite tv shows finally back
° scented candles
° cooking together
° our apple plate in the kitchen, they’re so pretty and colourful
° being willing to try my hand at making chocolate mousse, pancakes (I have maple syrup, everyone, and I’m not afraid to use it!!!) and cinnamon rolls
° the smell of fireplaces that fills the air sometimes (and I’m this close to light my own!)
° new opportunities
° a walk with Sa (after an endless yet peaceful condo assembly) and chatting about our days
° mythological creatures

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