Musa’s Box

New musa’s box for this week. Small recap for those who don’t know what this is about: it’s a weekly list made to collect and remember all those things that made you go “wow!” or made you laugh. Useful mostly in dire weeks 😛

° jelly stuff: ibuprofen in a soft pill and the sack/pillow made of heatable jelly, so that you can wear it where you need warmth, oooooooh yeah
° Mr Faun cooking me dinner :)
° that kind of trance you go into when you’re “creating” something: at some point someone tells you “food’s ready” and you wonder where the last two hours have gone beacuse it’s been only five minutes since you’ve started making stuff… and then you’re all drowsy like someone waked you suddenly!
° go clubbing to a live gig of people you know and dip in some old gothic/dark cliché
° paint my face (read: makeup, ehi, it’s fun! :) )
° jellybean-toes texts
° read a friend’s novel… and waiting to know how it will develop!!!
° go on with our “watered” Harry Potter
° smokey eye… <3
° take a walk under my umbrella
° calabria-dinner (did anyone say pepper?)
° laugh ’till you cry, ’till your cheekbones hurt, like your abdominals (what abdominals? Well, they hurt anyway!)
° wall decal
° The Avengers, with popcorn U_U
° crafting, a lot a lot a lot of crafting
° taking a walk at my old uni
° Mr Faun

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