I can’t believe we’re at the last “tools” post! I’m quite happy though: I’ll be able to speak a bit more freely instead of lecturing you!

I’m not assuming that I can explain everything, there is plenty of websites doing it way better than me. Shortly it’s an Emotional Freedom Technique -as it’s own name says- like acupuncture without needles.
It means it’s based on the stimulations of some “meridians”, by tapping on them with your fingers, following some directions.
Here are some links:
EFT – Gary Craig
EFT on Wikipedia
(and there is plenty more, just google it or look at the “link” section of these websites)

I first found out about EFT on the web, almost a year ago, and I got curious. So I decided to know a little more and I dig the official website.
What positively stroke me was that they were giving ALL the informations for free (usualy who’s trying to sell you on something, well it’s trying to *sell* and wants your money), and how they didn’t want you to drop “traditional” doctors and therapies (if you were having any), and that it’s “harmless”: they didn’t whant you to completely change your diet, your lifestyle or start taking anythig strane. Furthermore, if you do this wrong you won’t get anything worse.
Finally, what did I have to lose? Five minutes of my time, and I often waste five minutes by doing nothing, so why don’t waste them doing something that could be useful?

So I resoluted in trying something immediate, I had a slight neckache… I went with one EFT session (warmup phrase tapping on my hand, all the tapping routine repeating my reminder, and then a glass of water).
While tapping I felt some kind of warm tickle in my legs. After that nothing really different, untill some moments after drinking water (I always forget about water, even though it helps so much in letting everything flow). The neck zone softened and as a nice add up I also digested something that was weighting on my stomach.

The idea behind EFT is that we’re made with an energy flow, and when we have any problem it creates an obstacle in the flow, therefore EFT lets everything flow smoothly again.

This is definately the hippiest tool, but to me it’s pretty good… still I’m not that fond to tell you “it works! it works 100%”, also because I forget about it very often, but in the end it does some good… if it’s about suggestion I don’t really care much, as long as my neckache (and othre stuff too, I tried it 😉 ) leave me alone!

In the end all these tools are about is one thing: our mind has such a potencial, let’s try to use at least some of it.

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  1. Marta

    Verissimo, la nostra mente e la forza di volontà sono lo strumento migliore che abbiamo a disposizione. Bisogna solo saperli usare, ma purtroppo non sempre lo facciamo nè sappiamo come fare :) Ma per questo per fortuna ci sei tu :) :) :)


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