Quarter life crisis


This is the second time I reschedule a post that I have already written, it’s ready in my pc since some day, and in my mind since a little longer time.
I never take the leap between overthinking something that bothers me and actually dealing with it: I’m always afraid that I might open Pandora’s box, but when I finally have the guts to do something I realize that it was just something easy but boring. And I must say that giving myself scheduled time on this blog really helps me facing things instead of choosing the easy path of simply ignoring or pretending to ignore the issue… ’cause it’s always easier to ignore your problems and see yourself in them, than actually doing something to solve them.
After all nowadays someone with a happy, relaxed and healthy life is generally seen as someone naif, or high, or without real problems… mh… I’m not buying it.
I also have the bad habit of jumping onto many trains at a time: I constantly find many new interests and I always want to follow them all, alltogether and as perfectly as possible.
Add normal life things to do, to this picture, and you’ll se why I’m always procrastinating and now I’m trying to settle things out.

I promise you that after these few articles I plan to write I’ll stop bothering you with my graduation and my thesis. Anyway I bet you have already heard these words: “quarter life crisis”.
A.K.A. midlife crisis young daughter, the one you go through betweeen your 20’s and 30’s, out from your student years, the one you face when you realize you potentially have all the doors open, but have no clue on which one to take.
You spent your adolecence in trying to determine who you are, and now that it seemed clear you have to start again, not recognizing the face you see in the mirror.
Everything you’ve done and studied seems useless.
Everything you know looks like it’s stuck behind a full stop like some book ending, no “real life” awaits and you start wondering why you didn’t start doing what you love long ago in order to be better at it now.
Moreover anything that tickles your imagination seems to require super high levels and skills: enjoying yoga is not enough, you have to be a world-famous guru, while looking for a job a graduation and PhD is not enough, you have to have years of experience behind your back. Nothing is ever enough, you have to aim higher and higher.
Plus it looks like behind the words other use there’s always some deep, arcane, metaphysical concept… but I’ve found out that it’s always more down to earth than it seems. If they talk about “creative visualization” they are talking about imagination, the one you have when you daydream!
In the end everybody seems to be year-light ahead of you, and you can’t but curl up in a dark corner.

Well, we’re all here wondering why on earth we have been such well behaved and mannered kids, following pre-estabilished steps, and now that we can do whatever we want we don’t know what to do.

There are patent fallacies in our education (or at least this is my experience), though! listen! Euforilla is here to save the day reminding you (and most of all to herself) that it is possible to change things.

First and foremost you are not alone. Share what you are feeling and experiencing… I’ve always thought it was absurd keeping everything to yourselves like facing these issues is some kind of shame: if anybody speaks out we’ll all end up in our bedrooms, listening to depressing music, feeling lonely and losers.

Anyway, sticking to the “you’re not alone” motto, let’s share and show it, here’s what I plan to post next:

° what I’ve learned from my thesis (not while writing it, from the very topic of it), or the wisdom of the body.
° what’s wrong in our education, even though it’s not too late to change.
° sedona method, eft, and such “alternative methods” to find inner peace: when to stop.
° law of attraction and our old and lovely right to complain.
° gone with the shyness (in three parts 1, 2, 3): it has some biological functions, but this doesn’t mean that it always has reason to be
° selfproclaimingit can be good!
° useful questions to ask to have useful answers

I’m not an expert, I’m just giving you my two cents, because sharing helps me to overcome these “issues”, and most of all because this is what Profession Muse was born to: maybe all my overthinking will save someone else’s troubles.

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