Shyness: breaking news

More than remedies these are sentences that made me think and brought me instantly on a higher step:

1) they don’t give a dime. People, don’t be so narcissistics to think that everyone is interested in everything you do or say
2) you don’t have to share your most personal stuff with anyone, even if they ask, if you don’t want to let people know something, just don’t tell, it’s as easy as that!
3) don’t judge other people, if you don’t want to feel judged. I know sometimes it works as a defensive shield, like “ooh, he’s so *nasty comment*, luckily I’m way better!”, but in the end you really care so much for what other people say because you’re the first ones to think bad about the others, and therefore you assume that everybody thinks like you do. I can grant you that if you start to give a dime about “her shoes” you’ll feel better in yours too!

This is a road paved with “don’t-s”, and rude ones also, but once in a while we need something rough to get distracted 😉

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