Lastminute presents (on a budget)

This year I managed to be quite organized, also because last year, as soon as I got my hand on my new moleskine, I wrote “order presents online” on the 1st of november.
Actually I didn’t order anything, and I bought all presents on the last weekend of november: I stepped into a bookstore and made everyone happy.

So, if you’re still there with a lists of good kids without presents, here’s my advice: step into a bookstore.

Why, you say? It has tons of pros:

1) There is, it’s sure, a book for everyone (I don’t have to tell you all about a bookstore, do I?): also for those who have no time to read, there are short but good books, and for those who don’t love to read: a funny book is always there.

2) There are various editions and special offers, it means you can find anything for any budget. Nowadays bookstores are also organized with client cards, points and further discounts.

3) If you are on a really small budget (it happens, I feel you) there is also used bookstore option: not only you save money while gifting someone with a present that keeps it’s value, regardless of use, you also have the advantage of a book with aged pages that smell of paper.

4) Back to modern bookstores, even though you find e-reader & co (but we’re talking limited budgets and maybe only lastminute “little presents”), you can really find anything: posters, puzzles, dvds, cds, agendas, blocnotes, pens, stuffed toys, mugs, calendars, gift cards (I loved mine, even though my mom kept apologizing like “Oh I really had no idea on what to gift you with!”) and basically… cute objects, at least you can avoid going into tons of different shops.

5) My favourite part: I think that gifting a book is always something nice to do, because it implies that you have to spend at least a minute to think to the one you’re going to buy a book for, think about his/her tastes and preferences, therefore choose a book like you where in their shoes. A book it’s like a compliment: it always reflects what the receiver inspires in the gifter, or at least the attention spent in the process.

6) Anyway a book is a super technological find for teleport: from your armchair you’re catapulted into different times, places and worlds. It’s like giving a ticket for a magic travel. And you won’t find it anywhere else, but in a book.

So, opinions? Was I convincing? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Lastminute presents (on a budget)

  1. Euforilla

    @ Ale, lo sapevo! Per chi già adora i libri è facile ^^

    @ Marzia, grazie per il commento! Pure io adoro ricevere libri!

    E già che ci siamo… Buon Natale!

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