Musa’s Box


° the pond of The Shire, and see ducks, egrets and pheasants fly free
° cool beer, now that the weather is warmin up
° clarifying things with my professor
° sushi, asahi beer and cheesecake
° see my ladies for a night out
° a good pub with good music
° mythological sleep
° Murnau U_U
° receiving comments from far far away, keep them coming!! they cheer me up so much!
° planning work to do
° my new burgundy checkered frames
° tyiding up some ideas and re-descovering some old dreams
° skype, msn, emails, sms and anything that allows us to communicate
° play “Vegeto”
° yogurt cake
° Dr. Sheldon Cooper
° arranging part of the papers for my graduation
° radiant heater
° “I’m not afraid to think in public” group
° a bit of sunshine after so many rainy days
° seeing well
° 5 o’ clock tea with my bro
° being more relaxed, knowing “I can do it”
° tomorrow’s friday!
° stripes, checkers, swirls and optical patterns
° mythological creatures

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