Musa’s Box with Sardinia in it

Double box, since last friday I woke up in an agritourism inhabited by little goats, in the middle of Sardininan mountains, to go to a rock fest. But let’s do things properly :)

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° hamburger with friends
° a couple of days with a fresher weather
° considering the perks of summer: cantaloup, cherries, peaches, bluberries, plums, icecreams, popsicles, tomatoes, iced tea… yeah, basically the food XD
° an italian tapeada (mom’s great with fusion) and a very strong tinto de verano (dad’s serious business with vermuth!)
° working ahead with posts etc, and finally starting the Japan bit with recipes
° and on that note: zaru soba with homemade mentsuyu (I’ll get there, I promise!)
° getting ready for a short but intense trip to Sardinia
° let’s talk about Sardinia then: the ferry trip, it has been ages since I’ve been travelling by ferry, the company of friends, the agritourism: lost into the nature, and pretty, and run by a super friendly family, food always great everywhere, crystal clear water just like I remembered, finally taking the first seabaths of the season (it was screaming hot outside), mint granita, the Rock&Bol fest, From The Depth on a big nice stage and sometimes turning around to spy on the public and seeing it involved and happy, seeing Dragonforce live (sadly they didn’t play the only song I know by them, the one that makes me laugh like crazy), hanging around in the backstage, tacking mock-band fake pictures, the photo editing korean app, a custom made natal chart by Lola, the incredible heat that made ten adults (in random order): quote random parts of The Labyrinth, discuss Zuckerberg’s wife’s shoes at the graduation of her sister, saying weird things, also in latin, learning to “zambullirse”; and then again, sleeping on the floor of the ferry, I thought I wouldn’t sleep a solid minute, but in the end I’ve also had dreams; meeting new people on the way there, having made friends on the way back, testing my sunscreen worth, ok, I got tanned, but at least I didn’t get a sunburn! Seaglass, shells and hag stones collected on the beach, the people there, always nice; the night sky, so full of stars, I hadn’t seen so many stars in a long while (to give you an idea: I’m terribly short sighted and one night I was without glasses nor contacts and, looking up, I could make out the fairer streak of the Milky Way <3), having taken zero pictures (’cause my phone battery was always dead), but having it all saved in my mind ° despite all this: coming home, to my Stinkerbell and my pillow ° going crazy shopping for fruits (peaches, apricots, cherries, strawberries, black grapes, blueberries, and I held back on cantaloup) it always happen if I go grocery shopping when I’m thirsty! ° dangling hippie earrings ° talking to Sa, realizing that it’s been literally years since we last had contacts, even random, with some people… and feeling like nothing is missing, feeling light and wise for the wise decision ° the weather forecast finally forecasting lighter temperatures ° incoming sushi ° mythological creatures

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