The Roaring Twenties

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The twenties?

I mean, cinema, futurism, exotism, art nuoveau, art déco, Picasso, Mucha, Chaplin, Murnau, la Woolf, Emingway, Dalì, Lovecraft, jazz, charleston… And the first women emancipation movements: flapper didn’t want to stay home knitting, so they cut their hair, they put on heavy makeup like in the movies, they wear androginous clothes, they smoke, drink and go dancing.
And then they fight to give us the right to vote.

We have the first cinema divas, wrapped in pearl strands, feather boas, clouds of perfume, sequins, fringes, veils, and much more. Or dressed up as odalisques and oriental dancers, considering the taste for exotic and foreign cultures (ok, colonialism too, but can we skip this?).
They sported the caracteristic huge round eye (the make up shaped a triangle from the inner corners of the eye and eyebrow, to the outer corner of the eye), pouty lips (made smaller on purpose) and round apple of the cheeks to have an even rounder face. And nails, painted just on the finger, leaving half moon clear of polish at the beginning of the nail and at the tips.

You can’t deny this was a very culturally vivid period, of course we have to skip all the political stuff (but such a political momentum isn’t nice, ever, am I right?) and the fact that it concluded with an economical crash…
But I like to look at the bright side, so, while I won’t forget what happened, here and now I want to think about the style, the mark left by the twenties, and a style -as you may have noticed- comes from the culture and the society of a time period 😉

I could spend hours discussing about litterature, cinema, music, and I’d love to! But I don’t want to write a super lengthy post and I don’t want to tell you ye olde stuff you can find easily googling.
And after all we’re here to talk style, and how to take inspiration (how can you not be inspired by such a time?) and incorporate elements into daily wear.

I’ll confess this is the hardest for me to incorporate, the makeup is heavy, fringes are eye catching.
But I have quite a good collection of pearl strands and flats… what about waves in the hair, feathered earrings and straight cut dresses with light and floaty fabrics?

Which are you favourite styles? Any advice?
In the meanwhile I’ll go watch Metropolis

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