What’s my favourite book?

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Simply because the other day, writing those ten random things about me, I realized I wouldn’t know how to answer a “what’s your favourite book?” question.
Because of two main reasons: there are a lot of books I’ve loved and that left me something special, it’s very hard to choose.
But most of all I don’t have in mind, always there, all the books I’ve read and, given my crappy memory, there a big risk I don’t remember all of them properly, the risk I may forget the important ones, I would leave those out and then, to the question “Have you ever read that book?”, I’d slap my forehead and say “ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh (yes, with that many letters) Of course I did! I forgot”.

Embarassing, definately embarassing. I had to fix this.
So I thought -also thanx to a huge annoyan… ehm, the kind suggestions from a friend philosopher- that having a free tool to organize books with covers, generes and authors isn’t that bad… when I’ll be done maybe I’ll be able to write down a short (?) classific.
In the meanwhile, if in the next few days I’ll be a little absent minded, it will be because I’ll be adding titles and stars to read books :)

Oh, and I also like the fact that you can display the books like they’re sitting on a real bookshelf, I know, it’s a silly thing, but it’s a cute silly thing *_*
If you want to, please add Euforilla.. let’s see if you can answer this readily: what’s your favourite book?

I’ve edited my post on Ubuntu. I’ve added a 7th good reason I forgot (speaking of crappy memory), it’s about viruses :)

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5 thoughts on “What’s my favourite book?

  1. Joanne Faith

    I'm not too sure either. I used to read HEAPS when I was younger but not so much anymore… I just don't have the same amount of time on my hands I find! I do enjoy Jodi Piccolt's latest stuff thought.

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