Dragon’s Box

Let’s changeup a little! Taking advantage of 15 days of celebrations in China, at least the name of the box can chang 😀
If you don’t know what this “box” is I’ve explained it pretty well here.

°a friday night all-women, eating, drinking and toasting (invoking the help of the “mildly powerful Bacchus”)
° a we with a lot of pijama but being able to do a lot of things
° see the bottom of the basket for laundry (even though it lasted very little XD)
° visit an old friend, his new awesome pub with a lot of artisanal beers and local food
° the year of the dragon and did-it-myself celebrations
° pear cider
° knowing that after an AWFUL day I go back to mr Faun
° all the little things to improve the Nook, we’re so close *_* and we’re slowly doing it all on our own
° nice coworkers, being some sort of a team to cheer up eachother
° polenta from calabria 😀
° venting out a bit, saying things straight out, in their face, yeah
° a couple of songs by Adele
° being able to see the sky, the colours, smiling people living their lives, it reminds me that no matter what things go on
° Ikea (and knowing the catalogue by heart) and its meatballs
° fancying some colour and some new
° taking back “The way of the artist”
° CSI episodes with Grissom and Criminal Minds episodes with Prentiss
° Lush jelly in “Karma”
° sleep with mr Faun’s cuddles
° it’s almost weekend
° this wonderful new layout, wonderfully designed by mr Faun from some fuzzy ideas of mine *_*
° mythological creatures (dragon among them… ahahah)

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