Musa’s Box

Thursday list! For those of you new here or if you’ve missed out any explanation: it’s a list I write weekly, but you can write when you want, to collect all the positive things that happened between lists.
It’s useful to realize there are a lot of blessings in your life and you should celebrate them. It’s a spirit lifter if you’re feeling a little blue 😉
I don’t know who had the original idea (I think it’s very old and common and widespread… maybe The sound of music?), but along with me there are some other girls writing their “Musa’s box” (a virtual box to keep all the things that muse and inspire you). Where’s yours?

° Recognize and admit an emotion, in three minutes behold things unfolding. As if that emotion was a cap that bottled everything up.
° Clothilde that keeps me warm
° a phonecall from one blanket to another :)
° hot teas
° being finally able to discuss, with my friend Doc B., about A song of ice and fire, plot where people’s going, gossip about events, hope and comment
° get all ready and prepped, even if I’ll just stay home
° baked pumpkin, easy and yummy
° wordpress when it makes wonderful savings!
° hot soup for dinner, it warms you up to the bone
° snowwww!!!
° Zohar, with a cup of tea (the yummy ones from the fair, this one was strawberry, apple and violet) loakers and an afternoon spent on the couch, under a blanket, with Clothilde on my lap. The perfect recipe
° snow outside, verzata in my belly, with polenta
° finally pulling an iranian recipe from my (now former) neighbour
° two hours spent writing, impromptu, till late, because that morning looking outside my balcony put a lot of pieces together
° and as soon as I was done thinking “Ok, now I’ll have to rewrite everything this way” and then sleep nine sound hours
° black nails, red* hair, khol in my eyes. This is how I like myself (*and after all “krasnaia” in russian means both red and beautiful, this has to mean something U_U)
° Saor Patrol live, how could I forget them in the last list? They where at the artisanal fair, before the place we took mead. Great!
° an afternoon spent in the woods, near Lanterna’s house, chatting a lot, seeing our words steam up in the snow and the fog, seeing frozen oxbows, wild boar and hare prints, robins, make an angel in the snow, collect acorn caps and take pictures of wonderful places. Top this all with folk topics and two slices of peach&apricot jam plumcake and two cups of peach&apricot tea. And a lot of cats!
° go back home and find Sa and Clothilde ready to warm my feet up
° nice blogs :)
° women who do not feel competition. There are very few of them, but I’m lucky to know at least a couple
° offer myself up as penpal :)
° copyediting a book draft, digging in my skills
° giving Sa advices about Christmas presents by linking him an old post of mine XD
° hold a cup of hot tea or milk in chilly hands
° chatty Clothilde
° Roberto Benigni reading and explaining Italian Constitution
° mail-zillas and cultural correspondence
° all these snowy and frozen landscapes around here, they make me want to read those fairytales book I had when I was little… nice stories, nice drawings, all wintery ^^
° fleece pijama!!!
° finding out about Lindsey Stirling *_* I have a new girl crush!
° mythological creatures

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6 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. Sheireen

    Da sottolineare che dopo il plaid di pile sono passata anche io al pigiama di pile! XD
    Bella scatola anche questo giovedì, ma l’inverno con i suoi colori e la sua atmosfera si presta molto bene… che bel regalo che mi hai fatto con il video di Lindsey Stirling: io amo il violino (e il pianoforte)!!!

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