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New list! And for those who are here for the first time or just missed out on the meaning of these lists: a memo for all those positive and nice things found in everyday, as long as you look for them. Not to self indulge, but to realize that, no matter what, life is not so bad 😉


° a pijama saturday, how long has it been since the last one???
° finally fixing all my pots on the balcony, having all my green plants arranged (instead of shapeless bunches of dry and dead and grey stuff) and a clean and neat balcony, even though I still need to get some sage and some rosemary
° a practically perfect sunday: perfect weather, Cascina Caremma Spa, 45 minutes massage, but most of all: my friends :) (Grazia took the picture above, for instance ^^)
° green tea, saves any day
° having lunch with Sa on monday
° being partially on holiday
° my Stinkerbell, always so cuddly
° Game of Thrones and the Purple Wedding, ah so nice to see it finally on screen!
° those great days with sun and wind and whippedcream-like clouds *_*
° students who are really into the lesson
° my great grandmother tea set, I just need to make room for it XD
° a cat-ful presente
° being almost ready to leave for Calabria: Easter with my niece ^^
° thinking about all the nice things to carry in the suitcase 😛
° strawberries!
° mythological creatures

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