It happens, to everybody, to spend a monday a bit “meh” (often sounds are way better than definitions).
After all a positive attitude is a constant exercise, and you can be tired sometimes, despite vitamin pills and daily lists.
So you slip, also thanks to news, magazines and websites, in this kind of thoughts:

Tests show that the expertise, the talent, in something comes after ten thousand hours of practice. There are genius-kids that at the age of 5 compose or deduce math laws. It’s in the first half of your life that you achieve something great, after is just “average”. Fidia died at 30 and look what he made in that short time. Record labels and book publishers only look for incomes, not real talent. You need to know the right people. You need money to make money. You don’t know enough about it, there is always someone who knows more and has known before you. If eveyone is special, it means that nobody is, so someone is without any talent. You can have only one kind of talent. If you do not belong already to that world you will never be. It’s a world for men. It’s a thing for women. If you’re not already there it means you didn’t want it enough, you didn’t try nor sacrificed enough. Warhol and his stupid 15 minutes of celebrity. The winners write history, nobody wants to hear from loosers.  You stopped believing in it. Movies teach you that you can’t have “just” an “hobby”, you have to be super talented and commit to it at 100%. Someone already did it. Someone did it before you. I don’t see you fit for it. You’re one that settles with content. It’s too late to start. You’re too old for these things. And so on…

But if you notice there is a latent error. We are assuming that success (from baking a cake to being a rockstar) is something other people have to decide for us, with their own standards.
I’m not buying this. not at all!
It seems clear enough to me that if I could be always confident in my opinions (and therefore in myself), if I could always think and be positive, this blog wouldn’t exist. This blog is here because years ago I realized that more or less everybody goes through more or less the same issues, but nobody talks about it and we all feel alone and supid to be struggling with that something (to be more specific? University hardships, where everybody seems to be doing anything with a snap, and you feel like you’re the only one who’s preoccupied with books, exams, professors, stress, future, and so on… but no! “oh, me too!” “oh, yeah, I’ve been through it too” “chill out, I’ve been there” well, what about SAYING IT??? whatev… :P).

Back ontopic. Ok, maybe the rockstar isn’t the perfect example, but we always hear this “If someone is happy being a roadsweeper, then he’s the happiest person on earth”, well then, why are we objecting that? Why do we feel the need to set some standards and apply them to others?
And I’ll tell you something, something that came from a person I’d usually label as “negative”, but hey, negative doesn’t mean “bad”, and this is the evidence that something good can come from these people too: “If you realized it and you are doing something, it’s not too late, you could have never realized it”.

In italian I linked to an article that said that nowadays it seems that everything has no values at all, pursuing only money. But what I liked about it was something along these lines: “If believing in talent and well deserved earnings was dead, so would be our society”.
And now I’ll leave you with some music-therapy as I mean it, with Mr.Faun’s compliments 😉

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