Musa’s Box

List of nice from this past week, then I’ll be off to Turin 😛

° my wonderful business cards *_*
° a hot chocolate to talk about creative business and a little bit about “spirituality”
° “recycle” my parent’s Christmas tree and some decorations (I can’t wait to decorate our tree with Sa and our personal ost of TransSiberianOrchestra and others)… and have their car for a coupoe of days
° do yoga with Sa (and low lights, hippy music and incense)
° bamboo knitting needles, they seem quite good!!!
° rehearse a reading for an important evening
° organize an afternoon to research local folklore :)
° a book presentation in a beautiful library, with people who were really interested, a video of an interview with Camilleri and a lot of things I didn’t know
° pancake man… in squares!
° read in front of trangers… and managing to trip over my words only twice, but most of all managing to do it without too many anxieties or trembling voice, it might sound like a little thing to you but to me it’s a good achievement :)
° some new copybooks, ready to be written on
° organize a trip to Turin
° the nice man of the market stand with fabrics, who gave me a discount just because “Oh thank you miss, these colours are so nice, I only sell black and grays all the time…”
° finding out that an old dicount card is still running… yay!
° upcoming Christmas fairs and even more important: artisanal fair in Milan, muhuhahahaha
° paint my nails, this time really well :)
° my genious ideas
° retrieve the name of a beloved place of my childhood, thanks to my bro. And a “yay” gose to google street view that lets me see some places right away without having to travel (but I’m planning a trip with a picnic :D)
° being almost done with home made christmas ornaments :)
° tomorrow night
° mythological creatures

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