Musa’s Box

° Google Street View to walki in Montpellier… so nostalgic! And I remembered all the ways by heart!
° healing
° a whole weekend with Mr Faun
° a new place for live music and the great couple made by beer+french fries
° happy hour with friends… discussing kitchens! (Hot topic right now!)
° Postylish, I had so much fun making it and then seeing them both online (and I also got a lot of visits… Thank youuuu!!)
° the other musa’s boxes (by Goddessinspired, Manuki e LadyMija)
° going for a walk on my own
° start to remember again dreams when I wake up
° a quiet mind
° “desktop gossip” with my colleagues
° being such a silly that even a “thank you! How are you? Are you any better?” coming from those who normally I don’t like, eases up my day
° thinking that one musa’s box a week is way too little
° drawing… it was a while I didn’t do it
° gazillion boxes lying around in my bedroom… we’re close, we’re so close!
° seeing closely the wild rabbits in the field near the parking lot
° working ideas and opportunities and finding out “I’m not alone”
° online initiatives
° winter shoes…
° velvet burgundy jacket with two rows of buttons… from the swap party! Yeah!
° howling alone (in the car)
° days where everything is magically ok
° re-allowing myself to have the privilege of a flash of raging anger
° email to friends :)
° plan, plan, plan (and the now infamous graphic code for a boiler)
° Mythological creatures being mythological on oh so many levels!

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4 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. goddessinspired

    Hmmm ricordare i sogni, riprendere a disegnare… Mi sa che La Via dell’Artista sta dando i primi frutti! 😀 E questo nuovo locale in cui fanno musica dal vivo? Tocca andarci insieme prima o poi! :)

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