Basic manicure how to

The last time I gave you a review of all the specific lexicon. What about going into details?

Like anything else in this world, nailart needs a good base, a good foundation, therefore: a manicure!

The picture was modified with Pixlr-o-matic. And it’s glittered so it’s more frilly!

What you’ll need:

– a vegetable oil or a very heavy cream, your choice

– gloves (only if you want to)

– soap and water

– a bowl wih warm water and baking soda

– hand and nails moisturizer

– scissors

– file

– wooden stick

– towel

– clear polish/base coat (if you don’t know what it is, go back to “lesson one“)

– a silly tv show

– about half an hour to spare

I’ll bullet point this so it’s shorter:

1) cover your hands with your choosen oil or heavy cream, be very generous and massage your hands for about 10 minutes, insist really well around your nails (make sure you turn on your silly tv show BEFORE greasing your hands!)

1a) you can wear gloves at this point and intensify the moisturising treatment, I don’t do it because I don’t like to 😛

2) after 10 minutes wash your hands with water and soap then sink them into the bowl with warm water and baking soda (a bowl of water and a teaspoon baking soda, I did it by eye)

3) towel dry your hands, cut your nails and push your cuticoles back with the wooden stick (if you don’t have it use your thumb)

4) wait for your nails to be dry before you file them: if you file your nails when they’re still soaked in water they will just peel in the long run. And file always in the same sense, otherwise it will peel, again, in the long run

5) put some hand&nails moisturizer, insisting a little around your nails

6) once you’ve done all this (pack, soack, cut, file) and once the moisturizer has been absorbed completely (you want no grease under your polish) you can keep your nails au naturel or paint them, if you go for the paint I suggest you use a base (transparent, reinforcing, whatever!) and then go wild, just as seen here.

Voilà, nice nails made easy!

I like mine super short, I don’t know if this stayed with me since my piano-lessons days, but I’m simply more comfortable this way and can craft everything that I want! Yes, I also like them short and painted black, I know it’s supposed to make them look shorter… but what can I say… thankfully my mom made me long fingers!

So, when I say “cut your nails” to me it means really really short, to you it will simply mean “Cut your nails at the desired length”!

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6 thoughts on “Basic manicure how to

  1. Sheireen

    Ahh, ma allora è una cosa seria! Io sono un po’ più alla buona: lavo le mani, limo e dipingo. Non le taglio mai perché cerco di limarle spesso (così restano sempre della stessa misura e chissene). Per le cuticole sono fedele alla tecnica “unghia del pollice” XD

  2. Valeria

    Io odio usare la lima, non so perchè! Quando la uso mi fa lo stesso effetto di vedere uno che gratta le unghie sul muro, o il gesso sulla lavagna…argh. In compenso ci sono migliaia di programmi stupidi per distrarsi durante l’operazione.

    1. Euforilla Post author

      Da quando ho iniziato a limarle muovendo la lima in una sola direzione mi si è aperto un mondo: anch’io prima non lo sopportavo, era davvero come graffiare una lavagna, così invece è più che sopportabile :)

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