Musa’s Box


° vanilla pudding, eaten with long handled teaspoon: it makes things taste better
° being almost done: feeling like an high-achieving girl, documents and papers being almost over, everybody liking my thesis, the thought that in a bit more than a month I’ll be graduated and free!
° my ladies and our friendship, it’s special
° thuringa wurstels, with kellerbier
° tourist-like walk
° seeing the almost flooded river at city center (well, I’m not thrilled for it to submerge everything, it’s just something amazing to look at)
° my friends being hired for jobs they like
° people thinking I’m sweet
° my Melinide (my dog!) sitting all day long on the old armchair we moved to the garden, and being chickens**t because of thunders
° having a driving licence and driving
° baking cakes, expecially my last banana&nut plumcake
° my renewed steampunk obsession: thinking about a themed livingroom, my new wishlist…
° octopuses
° Nevemore band
° adding fancy things to Profession Muse: writing and adding my wishlist, adding twitter (an API-thing blocks me, I may be able to add people, but it blocks me before I can write anything… add me/follow me if you will!), shinystat, a referrer list, and a blogroll as soon as I have time to choose links!
° 11 rainy days non-stop and not stopping: perfect excuse not to avoid seasonal change in my wardrobe and to avoid spring cleaning (let’s look at the bright side)
° this upcoming weekend *_* home alone, Faun coming here for four days *_*
° Ralph Wiggum (When I grow up I want to be a principal or a caterpillar)
° this website (ghost pictures!)
° being able to recall an illustrator who’s works I’d seen a year ago in France
° writing lists of all sorts: things I love, “things-to-do-after-graduation”, illustrators I like, websites I’m registered at… and thinking about signing in to “The Secret Society of List Addicts”
° emails
° candles
° ethimology
° last but not least, or as I rather like – dulcis in fundo: mythological creatures

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