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Hi there! This is an unusual “single” post. Which means that I’m writing the full post in english and just a summary and a link in italian. This is because I’ve started a collaboration with an italian website, they loved my writing and asked me if I wanted to help them with content writing.

Well yes I do! And I’d be glad to help anyone else, just contact me, ok?

But let’s move to the topic itself!
I’ve written about thrift shops, a wellspread reality in England and USA, but here in Italy they’re still few and not really known.
Maybe it’s because there is a general mindset that what’s used by others is not good anymore for anyone else.

But I see things are changing, there are vintage clothes shop, places where you can sell (and therefore buy) used stuff, so I thought it could be useful to refresh some basic rules about thrift shopping:

– check out the day your local shop re-stocks items
– check if it has special sales day
– if your neighborhood is all in hype for a certain style, go shop where a different style is hip, so that you will have more choice on what you’re looking for and you won’t have to catfight over a deerprint clutch

But the most important rule is to have an eye for adaptation!
You don’t need to be a super-seamstress or whatever, just think outside the box.
That floral dress is so nice! But ew those sleeves… Well, you can just make it a sleeveless dress!
And what about those funky print pants, who would ever whear those… but then again, that print might be just what it takes to spruce up my throw pillows.
And that scarf? Too short… but maybe I can make a pretty fabric flower headpiece with it!

You know, the world’s full of possibilities!

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