After-birthday Musa’s Box

Here’s the happy thoughts from this past week!

° starting a new list of gratitude just a few hours after publishing the last one

° picking up a sad friend, like we’re a task force, like we’re friends in a tv show, a therapeutic visit to the Peach Pit (yes, again) with a DIVINE cheesecake and a red fruit tea so friggin good (I didn’t have to add sugar, since it wasn’t sour!)… And be pea green with envy because of luxurious trips in Paris 😀

° walking home, enjoying the smell of fireplaces and the dark

° Sa waiting for me with Clothilde in his arms

° start cooking for my birthday party

° Figment’s prompt, on Thanksgiving day, that said to write a gratitude list. My my… Figment, you’re late on this track 😀

° frankincense sticks

° a wonderful birtdhay: squeaky clean home, beautiful presents by Sa *_* (one moved me 😛 and he didn’t need this post, that’s why, among other things, he’s mythological U_U), plenty of yummy things to eat, all my family sqeezed in our tiny livingroom, Clò behaving well even though we put her in our bedroom for all the night, plenty of leftovers, a lot of chats, a lot of laughs, a lot of coloured balloons, coloured umbrellas in the glasses, a lot of “happy birthday”s from a lot of people, confronting this birthday with last years and see that there has been a huge improvement, giftgiving myself business cards… and bamboo knitting needles 😛

° the necklace made with my (on my father’s side) grandma’s 20’s necklace and the citrine pendent my (on my mother’s side) grandma gave me years ago as present

° two new shoulder bags, they’re big, soft, just how I like them! One’s by Desigual and one’s gray and goes with everything. You can never have too many bags U_U

° a coupon for the nearby hammam, this thing needs its own bulletpoint. I can go and be pampered? yesssssssssss!!!

° Joanne Harris’ new book (I got it :D) and the steampunk romance I was wishing for since a long time *_* and a manual for clay and mixed media *_*

° but most of all “a new keyboard for you pc, so keys don’t get stuck, it’s smooth… Since you’re writing more now you can do it even better!” (can you see why I was moved? *_*)

° four full days at home with Sa

° hot (herbal) tea cups

° a very quiet swap party, with afternoon english tea and london treats and spiced almonds (and getting hold of anothe bag XD and a wonderful blackberry perfume)

° my brother, coming over to Italy, with his girlfriend with him, only for my birthday *_*

° a purple organza little sachet with a pink pot-pourri that smells almost like a men’s perfume, it’s sooooo good!

° crafting and other occasions to craft :)

° speak my mind

° think about a cookie swap with a meaning

° walks downtown, arm in arm with Sa, like two old retireds, going for errands

° spend an entire afternoon on the couch, reading, with a blanket and Clothilde keeping me company

° yoga, it hurts and makes me sweat, but afterwards I feel so soft and liquid and shiny *_* If you add to this taking a hot bath with a lot of foam (and with those spiced almonds I mentioned before) it becomes such a luxurious experience!

° a creative offering

° a night out just Sa and me, to see “Hotel Transilvania” and then out for dinner ^^

° “After meal” herbal tea (or the “clensing” one) by L’Angelica, it works like magic!

° writing on my diary, it has been two months since the last time I did, I wrote pages and pages and pages, my hand was in pain, but I really had to update!

° the agenda filled from here to mid december (then who knows what will add up…)

° good books

° mythological creatures

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