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Guilty were the lappish slippers.
You don’t know, but this is how I thought to begin my blog with, almost a year ago… talking about boot-like slippers my brother gave me for Christmas. Ugly, terrible, but oh-so-warm. A thing that, given that we reached -10°C, finally pushed me buying, on sale, a pair of those super fugly ugg-y boots… and well needed skinny jeans to tuck into them.
Now, in the previous sentence you have a summary of things to wear I loathe: those boots and skinny trousers tucked in. But the freezing cold came to toll what was due, so I had to figure out some ways to wear that stuff, ways that I could like, and that could keep me warm.
And let’s face it: people change, if I’d never changed I’d still like red vinyl mary janes and circle skirts… well… I still like mary janes and circle skirts, but I’ve been through phases in the meanwhile!

“If you want to choose what to wear, learn to dress yourself!” oh, is that all mom? At three I could dress myself, forget those black and gold poofy skirts (oh gosh, the eighties!) with which I couldn’t run and jump and play with my brother because I had to “be careful not to ruin them!”.
Then there were: my brother’s hand me down clothes. And gym suits. You know those terrible things in acetate silk? Yeah, I know… Oh and I also had super short hair. Then one day, one pretty little french girl with curly blond hair told me “Excusez-moi monsieur”… I figured things had to change.
Slightly longer hair, italian punk bands in my walkman, yellow docs with purple corduroy trousers and red hoodie. And a big “whatever” worn on my face. Or how to forget one blue shoe and a maroon one (the blue one was my friend’s shoe, of course she had my other maroon one) or chequered shirts?
Goth-y phase, the quantity of black in my wardrobe went triple (not that hard, except for a small yellow period, like a flee market’s Picasso…), my mom’s muttering made history “It’s like a widow’s wardrobe”. I had black lipstick to go to pizzeria… and white velvet shirt to go to clubs. Yeah, I liked to be the white fly.
Very hippy phase, I’m saying “very” because I reckon I’ve always had some sort of hippy-ish do, but this time it went huge: ME in white blouses with blue flowers on it (no seriously, me with blue? Teenage hormons make you do the weirdest stuff!).
Then I settled on a quiet and plain jeans and tshirt.

After two seasonal drastic cleansings in my wardrobe (there’s an echo in it, though what’s there I use it till it sheds), and also because of work-dressups,  the thing here is: when I dress up, I find myself so dang boring! I could be prosaic and say that this is a reflection of my late artistic/creative impulse: almost turned off it’s coming back in all its might. But I really feel like, when I can, wearing more fun and interesting stuff.

So, all this blabbling to let you know who’s talking here, to let you know that I won’t be judging, nor telling what you HAVE TO wear. Instead! I want to treat this topic with all the shallowness and depth it requires, because it’s like entering a new experience and needing travel-mates to share it!
Therefore in this *amazing* semi-serious course we’ll see things like: body shapes, colour theory, types of fabrics, how to take inspiration from things, how to determine your own style, accessories these unknowns, hair and makeup, vintage advice, age-appropriate (but also era appropriate) and also sewing tips.

Hope you like it!!!

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