7 good reasons to choose Ubuntu (Linux for human beings)

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Why go for free informatics?
Generally, if the reason is good enough, you need only one.
But this is the case where you have seven reasons, and they’re all good!

1) It’s free. And it’ll always be. And I’m not talking only about the Operative System, but also about all the softwares and plugins you may ever need. Plus by purchasing a PC without an OS already on it, you’ll save big money!

2) I’ts easy. Insert your CD with your favourite little animal and in half an hour, and I mean 30 minutes counted, you’ll have a new OS, that has found all the drivers it needed, internet, and already cleaned up after his own installation mess. Plus here you can find everything you may need.

3) It’s smart. 30 seconds timed to switch on and be actually usable (no hourglass on your screen that’ll make you wait enough time to prepare a 12 courses dinner). In the case there’s an error… it fixes itself on its own (I’ve witnessed this miracle, my laptop wasn’t switching on properly, I pressed shift, a screenshot asked me which version I wanted to restore, I clicked, and voilà, like new, no lost datas).
Oh, and what about those free softwares and plugins I mentioned before?
There’s USC (Ubuntu Software Center), look for your keyword (from games to serious stuff(, click on the button of the software you choose and it’s going to download and install it on it’s own, because it’s already suitable for your OS, it does it all on its own.
Oh, and if your pc is somewhat old and rusty, Ubuntu is going to restore it like new (I thought I had to say goodbye to some video drivers, to touchpad and to special keys… how hopless was I!)

4) It’s good looking. The graphics are very light, and easy on the eyes… and most of all you can have jelly windows! Well, ok, this is just a plugin you may add if you want to.

5) It’s compatible. Any software you may ever think of, be reassured that there is a suitable version or even a version expecially made for free software (GIMP, to name just one ;)). In the event you need a non-free software there are tons of ways to make it work anyway with no troubles at all (heck, you can make Windows work inside Ubuntu too!). And you don’t even need to be high end nerds, you just need to know how to use google and whenever you find yourselves in trouble (very hard if you use your computer for ordinary stuff) just google your problem (I’ve learnt this way to use the command line ^_^).

6) It’s the first. Anything you may have seen around, therefore anything you may come up to me and say like “that graphics, that cubic desktop, that other thing there, I’ve seen it on this and that OS”… true… NOW you’ve seen it. Linux & co have been doing it since at least 10 year, and I think this is a pretty good average.
And one version of Linux’s kernel was the base for Mac OS (so in theory it shouldn’t have been sold… but whatever, let’s not argue!).

7) It’s healthy. It means it will never have viruses. How comes? Since it’s free nobody will ever bother to create viruses so that you’ll need to pay for an antivirus: if you ever get something strange on your pc the solution, like an antivirus, will always be free. Marvellous, isn’t it?

Well, to quote an italian comedian very badly: what else has Ubuntu to do for you? Clean up your house?

I’ve been using Ubuntu for almost a year now, and still sometimes I find new and amazing things. PC and OS haven’t slown down a little, nor any kind of troubles at all. Ok, my PC needs are quite basic and daily, work and play stuff. But Mr. Faun uses it (along with a lot of good professional free softwares) to record, edit and mix songs he&band write and play… not exaclty like taping stuff with a Lego recorder, is it? 😀
From all this positive promotion I’m not earning a single buck, because Ubuntu is free! I’ll tell you more, I’m thinking about donating to the developers.

Ubuntu’s sticker on my laptop *_*

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6 thoughts on “7 good reasons to choose Ubuntu (Linux for human beings)

  1. Euforilla

    Convertiti anche tu all'informatica libera e alle versioni dai nomi di buffi animaletti!
    (Stiamo aspettando il suricate anticonformista e il narvalo elegante *_*)

  2. Manuki

    Sono una felice utilizzatrice di ubuntu da ormai 6 anni su più di un pc. Devo dire che ha fatto passi da gigante ed ora può davvero vantarsi di essere un sistema operativo stabile ed efficiente.
    Ci sono vari però… e dei limiti…
    Noi l'habbiamo installato su un htpc assemblato da noi con dei componenti dichiaratamente ubuntu friendly… ebbene abbiamo avuto qualche problema con la risoluzione della TV…
    I blu ray, essendo un formato proprietario sembra una cosa impossibile poterli vedere, non parliamo di masterizzazione…
    Insomma… se si installa su un pc dove si fa l'essenziale (mail, internet, grafica, visione video etc…) è perfetto.
    Se si vuole ottenere qualcosa di più bisogna smanettare un po' e non è sempre così immediato ottenere i risultati.
    Ovviamente mi è impossibile utilizzarlo per lavoro perchè software come Autocad o altri che utilizzo non sono sviluppati per linux e sotto wine (emulatore di windows) non funzionano bene…

  3. Euforilla

    Ciao Manuki!
    Effettivamente qualche limite ancora ce l'ha, soprattutto ad utilizzi "molto alti" (in mancanza di altra terminologia :P).

    Io ho parlato della mia esperienza, ovvero pc per internet, mail, messaggistica, blog, documenti vari (openoffice soprattutto) e compagnia bella, mi ci trovo benissimo infatti.

    Grazie mille per aver aggiunto la tua di esperienza! :)

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