It gets dark at 4pm, fairy lights everywhere, your breath misting up, icicles making all white, cinnamon smells, spiced herbal teas, hot chocolates and a bunch of yummy food.

I know I know I know it’s suuuuper early, but I don’t know why lately I’ve been fancying some Christmas, then add a couple of cloudy and fresh days and there I go, searching the web.

And I have to admit it, the Nook runs a little short on Christmas paraphrenalia (might it be because we moved in just after Christmas?), to pinpoint: a doormat with reindeers, two golden stars and some red scented candles.
So I’m willing to make some decorations, of course DIY, of course for cheap and of course very pretty U_U

Just in case your folly matches mine here are some links to get inspired, follow tutorials and jump fully in Christmas feeling… JUST five months ahead! (Which is weird… usually at this point of the year I’d be organizing Halloween parties… I’ll have to catch up with that!).

Click on the pictures to go to the original page where I’ve found them, to look up infos and how tos!

Cut some doilies and hang them with ribbons (this kind of doilies is for cakes or for table towels), and voilà: instant snow flakes. (I’m seriously thinking to hang some in a row, with beads in the middle, to make a garland o_O).

Glue stuff on a wreath-base, pinecones, branches, fake flowers and so on, spray it all white, and there you go, snowy wreath.

Dear old paper garlands, packaging ribbon quite wide and nice, stapler… I’m really going to make these, they’re easy and they’re a good garland for the tree :)

Ah, Martha Stewart, you’re always dependable on: paper ornaments! Essential, brilliant, so cheap, oh yeah!

This is an evergren: balloon, wool or cotton thread dipped into vinilic glue and wrapped randomly around said ballon, let it dry, pop the balloon, hang.

This idea can be applied to any little object you want to make more christmas-y, then you’ll simply have to attach a ribbon and hang, or keep it as a table decor, just as the link says.

Clicking here and here, you’ll find plenty of pictures about really classic globe ornaments made more interesting: painting, glue-ing stuff (like scrapbook stuff or crystals), and all things fancy!

Here comes a list of things I have no pictures of, because these are notes I took some years ago when I went to Christmas street market while on the mountains with my parents:

  • découpage/modge podge on old lightbulbs
  • polystyrene orbs as a base decorated with seeds (star anise and co) or with patchwork pieces of fabric
  • empty clear orbs where to insert a christmas figure (other than all the things shown in the previous linked pictures), or to paint with glitter from the inside
  • wholenuts and pinecones sprayed gold or silver or any colour
Finally, two italian how tos (don’t worry, the pictures are clear enough ;)) to make earrings, but I think that the first one would make a perfect snow flake and the second as a pretty ornament, so click here and then here!

The bottom line here, that you can apply to whatever, is this: pick a couple of colours (I’ll go for green and white, which are the main colours in my living room, and then I’ll decide if gold or silver), paint, glitter and glue all kind of decorations on anything, add pretty ribbons to hang things, fake snow optional, and you’re done. Merry Christmas.

Ok, now you can go back to the beach, wear sunscreen, enjoy air conditioning, drink iced tea or whatever summer activity you were doing before coming here, five months apart from today!

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