Musa’s Box

° I’m done! I did it! Today I graduated in Philosophy! Now you can call me Doc. Euforilla 😀
° decluttering: after “shopping my closet” the same treatment has been good for shelves and drawers, too much papers, too much clutter… I found a load of old stuff, I kept only the things that can still be helpful… I feel new and always newer and it makes me feel good, if I think back how I was only two years ago I can’t believe myself… go figure if I can relate with stuff I wrote or kept when I was 12!
° water with magnesium, a lifesaver with this heat
° electric fan
° feeling on holiday
° books that cut short your breath
° the good smell of laundry hung in the sun
° a pajama&book evening
° super ’68 dress
° coconut “granita”
° rockabilly mini festival
° hummus
° walks
° being able to write this kind of lists every day, if I try
° popcorn
° wind
° re-watching Alice in Wonderland, with special features
° chinese red and grenade burgundy
° magazines and blog on interior design, they’re filled up with useful ideas
° nap time
° pizza
° mythological creatures
° I’ll save the best for last: my faun

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