Post-christmas recipe


Post-christmas recipe (apply at least a couple of these points)

– sleep in
– take a loooong hot shower, with essences, beauty masks, deep moisturizers, scrubs and home made treatments (hot bath works even better)
– drink 2l of water
– eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but do not skip meals (it works for the worst), magari integral pasta with vegetable sauce
– have a walk
– wrap yourself up into baggy, soft and warm clothes, don’t even tie your hair, don’t wear makeup nor contacts (I’m going with hidrating drops!)
– password: lay back. Nap, read one of the books you found under the tree, paint, dig your hobbies, listen to music, do whatever, basically! And if you want to you can do nothing, too!
– we accept suggestions: what’s your best post-christmas remedy? I’d really use some, today I was one of those who had to go to work!

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