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And it’s thursday againg! Prequel of a weekend, and to those stepping here for the first time (there may be a few, hello there!) it works like this: list aaaaaall those nice things that happened, that you did/saw/heard/ate/dreamed, that you feel grateful and generous for, during this past week.
And leave it in the comments… or link it! 
Why? Because it has been proved that thinking daily about these things makes you happier, and if you’re happier your body feels better too!
And because it’s fun.
° “Thomasbrau” bavarian restaurant in Garlasco… yummy!
° sleeping safe and sound
° hamburger at “Boccio” and french frites that actually taste of potatoes
° the movie “Benvenuti al Sud” (welcome to the south? XD)
° dreaming of my grandparents
° finishing my chores and shops in time
° sing! So much fun! *_*
° chocolate
° not taking myself too seriously
° Rapunzel
° being done with buying and wrapping Christmas presents
° talking to people I haven’t heard in centuries!
° my “Bro”: we don’t hear from eachother for weeks, but when we do it’s like we just said goodbye
° my dog, Mela, and the projects I have for her
° organizing posts on my raspberry filofax (yes, I’m bragging a littl XD)
° frost covering everything in white, from trees to gates (ok, it’s Narnia-cold but it’s good to see)
° making my own astral chart: I didn’t believe in horoscopes, and now I believe even less, if it makes sense, but it was fun calculating numbers, consulting tables and drawing graphs!
° upcoming Christmas teas and hot chocolates with friends
° involuntary birdwatching: a white heron at the trainstation (there is a little ditch) and a robin near my window (we leave bread crumbles)
° reading that constantly talking/using a foreign language is good for your brain, evviva!!!
° having a collection of quirky words, I’ll eventually use
° serendipity moments
° realizing that next week there’s Christmas… and not being sorry!
° playing with Rabbids at Mr. Faun’s place
° finally arringing my desk as a workspace… and it’s only the beginning!
° get into “action” even if it’s only in babysteps
° mythological creatures

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