Musa’s Box

You would think that with the end of school you’re basically on holiday… but then again there are last minute classes, the exam you totally forgot about, and most of all our cat who, in two weeks, had an ecography, blood test and a kidney removed.
Now she’s strutting around the house with her back super arched and metal stitches on her belly, but aside from that she looks like she’s recovering pretty well :) Next week we’ll go to remove the stitches and have an overall check and I’ll know more myself!

This doesn’t mean I can’t have my list of nice, so here it goes!

Una foto pubblicata da Cristina (@euforilla) in data:

° Clothilde’s surgery, it went well
° Clothilde being a feral cat, terrifying all the vets, but turning into a puddle of purr as soon as she saw me *_*
° reuniting with my beautiful Antonellina
° seeing her a little bit teary and happy in her wedding day, meeting her husband and their son and their beautiful family
° a beach wedding
° the amazing agritourism
° having breakfast outside, looking at the valley
° taking advantage of our location and moving to Bomarzo
° the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, I’d need an entire post about this place *_*
° peach iced tea
° mixed salads
° the horrible humid heat now begone to leave place to a wonderful chilly wind
° hiyashi chuka, soooooo goooood!!!
° going grocery shopping for a lot of fruits and vegetables (these one straight from my grandma’s vegetable garden :P) and for ice creams
° afternoon naps made of fresh air, shadow, books, cat, this IS holiday!
° rewatching Big Hero 6
° our Nook all tidy
° mythological creatures

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    1. Euforilla Post author

      Ehm… non credo ci sarà, era un modo di dire XD
      Comunque il posto è bellobellissimo, la casa pendente ti manda il cervello fuori di giri *_* E ci vogliamo tornare d’autunno a far le foto con la nebbia e gli alberi spogli *_*

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