21days n°5 – Letting go


This 21 days test was absolutely impromptu and not planned.
But it gave me something to think about (well, honestly, what doesn’t with me? I’m a little brainy in that sense…).
I think that there are two meanings for the expression “Let go”: 1) let go of anything, vowing yourself to entropy and all that jazz; 2) not taking yourself too damn seriously.

And! I can tell you with pride and satisfaction that I’ve tasted them both: I was planning my days down to the second, ’till the moment where I had to “waste” five whole minutes to let the whistle in my ears go, along with the blackened sight… yeah, I was pushing myself a little too much.
So I started slowing my pace, my tydiness went back to less than zero… but I’ve finally learned that sometimes that’s good too, that not being always at 100% of my expectations is just fine.
But most of all I’ve learned that my body and my head need their rythm, and some time to relax…
You have no idea of how much it helped on a more metaphorical level: I screw up? Oh, well, who cares! We’re here to have fun! You may think this is lame, but to me it was a great goal to reach 😉 You live much much better!

Oh, by the way, after I’ve stopped taking myself so damn seriously I had great fun and also I went back tyding up the mess I left behind XD

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