Youtube comments are useless


Ok, the title is a bit tricky, I’m focusing on the uselessness of argues, also known as catfights, on the internet in general.
For these following easy reasons.

1) if you publish something on internet you know you’re exposing yourself, whether it be a video, a blogpost or even an entire website
2) allowing comments leaves freedom of critique and praise, the “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” is meaningless: first of all, I first have to watch to say if I like it or not, second it can have sense only if someone is persisting (you didn’t like it, you said that, enough). After all there is always the old said “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing”, but we do not want to limit anyone’s freedom to speak.
3) persistence can be two types: the fan, the hater.
4) sidenote “Haterz gonna hate”.
5) persistence also has consequences: to fans blatant errors become excusable, to haters anything is good to start a fight. The thing is that then people (and in all this post I’m talking about both fans and “haters”) start criticising things that have nothing to do with the proper topic.
6) It’s very uncommon for these people to change their minds, moreover insults given for free are not helping. In any case the original poster doesn’t answer because we would go back to number 3 and 5. And it’s the best thing one can do: they’re average people, not skilled public speakers, therefore if they answer they risk to do worst than keeping silent (I.E. involuntarily insulting also their fans). My favourite advice? It’s just like in elementary school: drop it, let it go, people will be bored by the lack of heartfelt reactions (and no, taking away comments all of a sudden, after building an audience thanks to comments, it’s not going to work, at least this is my opinion: internet is made to share!!!)
7) We can witness an escalation into absurd: comments go from the original topic, to insults, to insulting the poster’s phisical appearance, and then insults between those who leave comments, insults to people’s mothers and so forth.
8) untill we get to the favourite argument: “You’re just jealous”. Jung wdid have a point (I’ll catch you up: when something about someone bothers us is either because we have that same issue, or that someone has something we would like to have/to be), but breaking news! nobody is without traumas/transferts/compensations whatsoever. Instead, sometimes “flaws” are what make personalities, but this is another topic. In short: we can fall in a vicious circle and into something that reminds “the Fox and the grapes”.

I’d like to finish off with two quotes (I like quotes!)

° Never argue with an idiot: they drag you to their level, and beat you with their experience
° “I loathe what you say, but I’ll get killed to let you always say it” Voltaire (Je déteste ce que tu dis mais je me ferais tuer pour que tu puisses toujours le dire)

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3 thoughts on “Youtube comments are useless

  1. Siobhan Hanlin

    A very well put post, definetly applicable to any public medium. I'm glad to say so far I haven't had any negative comments, but I always moderate comments to pip would be haters at the post and nip their nastiness in the bud. That being said I am all for constructive critisim, but on other sites I've seen commenters take it FAR to far.

  2. Euforilla

    Thanx girls!
    I've been lucky enough to have experienced just some random spam (maybe also because my blog isn't that "big", sadly catfights are a sign and also feed the popularity of something…), but lately I've been watching a lot of videos and I've noticed that in all of them people attacked each other…

    So I thought I made a list of things that an uninvolved point of view could bring up! ^^

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