Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Profession: Muse!
Even though now I don’t use that blog title anymore… so happy birthday Euforilla!
About the giveaway: thanx to Joanne‘s suggestion I’ll keep it running a little more, so to give more time to those who want to jump in and most of all to those who are helping me spreading the news (girls you’re wonderful, thanx, thanx a lot, I hope I haven’t left anyone out. Thanx again, I’m speechless!).

Anyway, I want to bore you with a sum up of a year in blogging, I learned plenty of things.
I had blogs before, but nothing regularly updated, nothing productive, I used to write weird and teenage-y stuff.
This one, instead, taught me to write a little bit more “like me” (if you pick up the very first posts… brrr… I shiver at the thought! I was so used to write for university papers that I could only write like I had a broomstick stuck… well).
I learned to organize myself and plan things ahead.
To edit layouts and posts to be more funcional and catchy for reading.
To appreciate things that grow slowly, before I couldn’t stand thing that weren’t “all a now”, I calmed down here.
I learned also to reach out a bit, pouring something mine too, browsing other blogs and giving my two cents, using social networks, even asking for help (risking to piss off people)… I think I can try to promote this blog a little more now.
And most of all I learned to put myself on trial: I wanted to write a blog because I realized that there weren’t many blogs like this in italian, and I thought it was fair to share those resources that are so abundant in english, because I hoped that my overthinking would be useful to others in my same situations (seen I’ve tried on my skin what it means to think you’re the only looser who’s overthinking something and after eons hearing “oh yeah, mee to” “whatever, it’s nothing, I’ve been through it”… tell me! No? So I won’t feel alone!), and because I wanted to prove myself that I could have a project, and keep it going, other than those things I saw as duties, therefore as absolute priorities (at the time: graduating), this brought from two to three posts a week, all translated, to “21 days challenges” (that are going slow, but it’s 21 days each, they’re still on, promise!), to a giveaway with email requests, to a real positive mind-set, I keep telling this: lists of things you’re grateful for really work!
In a year I feel slightly changed, and I like the changes I’ve done, I really like them, and I hope to keep on this good track!

But most of all I’ve realized that everything I’m writing, I’m writing it for myself first: I need to sort these things out, I want to help you, but I’m walking right beside you, very same path, and “having to” write them down so that you can understand too gives me clarity, stating things like they are not only my thoughts and issues, but someone else’s troubles in need for advice really helps me in reframing what I’m experiencing, remembering I’m not alone, and that I don’t have to take everything so seriously.

So thank you all, to all of you, those who come here regularly, those who left my very first (and thrilling: wooooh comments!) comments, those who step here by mistake, those who read my “away with shiness” four times a day but are too shy to say anything (even that it’s all rubbish), to those who are new… thank you!
Happy birthday Euforilla, and a very merry unbirthday to all of you! :)

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