Musa’s Box – happy 2012

Double box! Last week I was offline… and without any pc, still at my parent’s :)
But now we’re online again, in touch with the world and I can catch up!

° the last working day before holidays
° start my holidays sleeping at The Nook
° moving in
° The Nook!!! <3
° mr Faun
° lazy new year’s eve in red
° doing some little things every day
° the Nook, ever so mythological, with a super comfy bed, the water in the shower always warm and pantry full of good stuff
° being connected to the world again
° I’m willing to invite over for dinner or lunch a lot of people
° a tea with my “Bro” (finally!!!)
° I’m willing to organize and start a lot of new things and pick up old ones
° DIY ambilight (with a plus for chrome therapy, yay! :D)
° cooking
° sleep in
° furniture&co from flea markets, second hand, used, recovered from other people who don’t need them 😀
° real time (a tv channel), let’s face it, it’s the only thing you can watch XD
° dried figs with almonds and covered in dark chocolate… heaven in a bite!!!
° painting rolls for acrylic paints, changing the attire of a room or of a piece of furniture with just some layers of paint
° lunch out with colleagues, to ease up the first day back at work
° tons of emails to get organized with my “witches”
° sunday night’s happy hour (truffle pappardelle… sbav!)
° waking up super early, getting dressed and prepped super quickly… and still having some minutes to sit down together on the couch
° Yoshi’s squees in Mario Kart
° going back home and finding it clean and tidy
° going to the theatre with Mr Faun (and see a friend act really well *_*)
° a post I wrote for work that reached tens of thousands views in a few hours… and a post I wrote here that helped out someone
° a tea with a friend, exchanging presents (cute ring!!!)
° the “eff off”s right when you need them 😉
° food when you’re hungry
° the thought that having lots of good friends is possible… and extremely heart-warming
° going to sleep with him, waking up with him, having breakfast every single morning with him… life with Mr Faun is great
° mythological creatures in mythololgical Nooks 😀

So… where are yours?
Let’s roll with your lists of good things from the past week, a metaphorical box in wich to treasure some cheerfulness :)

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