Musa’s Box


° bouncing soap bubbles
° having my voice back
° happy hours and desperately spicy-hot food
° nice pubs
° non-smoking, never been smoking, yay
° to sleep
° super offers at Decathlon
° washing-machine clothing dye
° ice-cream (or, as I happen to know from american sitcoms: “gelati”…)
° the park outside the castle
° coma-like nap
° dining out, meaning outside, under the sky
° doc. Reed U_U
° tons and tons of free online tutorials
° omelette with wild hop
° chocolate easter egg bun
° refashioned dining room
° my bedroom all tided up
° ideas and lists for the weekend to the mountains
° learning how to draw flamingo birds (so useful in life, isn’t it?)
° sequins and rhinestones and glitters
° scarves (most of all the ones I make myself spending 2€ instead of 40 on the internet -hah!)
° quotes
° mythological idiom
° Simpson & South Park style parodies
° Internet Book Shop and its english titles section, I lllllove feeling the doors of Possibility slam open!
° cherries in my cocktail
° strawberry cake
° strawberries
° a gettin better faun
° this weekend
mythological creatures

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