Musa’s Box

Yet another thursday, yet another gratitude list!
If you’re new here this list is not my nor our invention, I picked it up from Gala Darling who, as well, picked it up from somebody else (maybe Steve Pavlina? Don’t know), and I called mine “Musa’s Box” because I imagine this to be a pretty box to fill with all those nice things that made me happy and grateful during the past week.
Anyway, what really matters is that it spreads wide and wider, if you try it or already do it please leave me you link, I’d love to read it!

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° force myself out of the house even though I’m not fancying some appointments… and then having fun :)
° an all-women night
° manage to have some alone time for ourselves, Sa&me
° Cousin Violet, Downton Dowager Countess
° cider
° some trust
° a nice job opportunity
° an unexpected present: trousers and belt, in two pretty shades of dark teal green :)
° a sunday with my girl friends, visiting Renoir’s exposition
° my mini-home-Spa (maybe I’ll write a post about it… :))
° violet perfume (ok, I know I’ve bored you to death with jasmine, but I went to Naturasì and they were out of stock so while I’m waiting I’ve bought this one, and I’m in luuuurve! It also has notes of sandalwood, rose, jasmin, iris and vanilla: my favourites!)
° planning my seasonal wardrobe change: I’m thinking of organizing things and snapping outfit pictures and go all the way wardrobe-crazy
° bags filled with glitter for my christmas craft projects
° Clothilde and her cute faces when she wants cuddles
° my new board on pinterest
° Sa, he’s just perfect for me <3

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