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This week my list of things that inspired me is going to be a little short, if compared to my usual lists. This is because I forgot to take notes!
Yes, I have a text file on my desktop where I write daily things I love, but this week I’ve been lazy, so I forgot a lot.
See? Take notes during the week is useful, you’re going to remember more… but what it really does is help you realize that every single day there are things worth a smile.
It doesn’t matter if you keep a notebook to write your weekly lists (or a text file, or a blog or whatever), what’s important is that you take a couple of minutes a day (while brushing your teeth, lacing your shoes or driving to work/school) to think about what you love about your life. It will set you habits in a better mood.
There is always something to be found 😉

° Move my “office” to a fresh place
° serendipity: one thing is to know that when you look for something you will definately find it, one thing is your mind dealing with something and any sentence you read has something to do with it! (articles from Seth Godin, links between blogs, videos in, mails with random articles) Amazing!
° My new R4! And its 2gb SDHC, and pc adapter, and software *_* Endless chances for me! NDS as ebook reader? Yay!
° fried pumpkin flowers
° latex foam pillow
° being able to read multiple books in the same period of time
° presents straight from London: muffins, pearl earrings from the vintage market, and a pair of converse all star, black and green, awesome!
° Animal Crossing, Brain Training and Rabbids!
° singing lessons: acing old exercises and learning new ones, one more challenging than the previous. And my teacher praising my efforts!
° having lots of ideas and plans, and time to accomplish them all
° past weekend: couch, movies and air conditioning
° happy hour at center city, and finally being able to walk around in the evening: a bit of wind, not many mosquitoes, people all around
° some kind of “white night”, karaoke, my favourite bookstore opene from 21 to 24, loeaded with sales!
° lebanese restaurant for tonight
° incoming weekend
° having lunch with philosophers
° mythological creatures

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