Musa’s Box

Friday, and as the Cure put it: Friday I’m in Love.

List of all those nice things that made me feel truly, healthily and spontaneously grateful towards the world. I’s so flower power!

° local pub “Il Boccio”, it’s always a good hit

° running errands, just to be outside the home

° Supernatural

° a splendid, sunny day, we could see all the Alps *_*

° an afternoon with my girlfriends, chitchatting, after such a long time

° home made pizza, so good I can feel hungry just by thinking of it!

° after-sports endophines

° Sholeh Zard’s booktrailer (it’s in italian) and all the other bellydance exhibition videos from the book signing in Rome!

° my new home workspace, soooooo cool!

° play with Polyvore

° my made up lunches based off avocados: toasted bread with slices of avocado on top, seasoned with evoo, salt and a sprinkle of pepper. Or whole wheat pasta with tuna, sesame seeds and avocado. Let me say: YUMMY!

° the brilliant idea, and seeing it being true (all to find a long lost file :) )

° a good stack of technical books

° thinking of a song, putting up a playlist knowing it must be in there, press play on a random title and finding out it was the song I had in mind… yes I can! (btw it was “Black Waltz” by Amber Asylum)

° giving my old but still good, yet now too tight and short for me, purple wool coat to my little cousin (it fits her so well!!!)

° thinking about making my own chalkboard paint… I also have Ikea’s coloured chalks now!!!

° right, our trip to Ikea, and now having super cool drawers to keep everything in our Lab neat and tidy (I.E. I now have an entire drawer for incenses *_* Opening it is such a treat for your nose!!!)

° my new, sunny yellow and cheerful gerbera (a couple of leaves have already been punctured by Clothilde, but anyway…)

° an hour spent dancing, shaking that booty, making coinbelt tinker, mode Instand Mood Booster: ON!

° Sa, who’s always there for me, even on the distance, and he gets me. He really gets me!!!

° an afternoon spent knitting with friends, catching up on our latest news 😀

° a little she-monster (ok a girl, but I call all of them little monsters) who’s always glad, no, happy to see me, like I was Santa Claus… and I can’t understand why, since I don’t like children…

° toasted bread with blueberry jam, varying breakfast everyday

° being able to wake up early and being more productive

° start planning for Paris *_*

° the “goodie bag” from Sholeh Zard Rome booksigning: rose spiced tea, various recipes of cookies and treats, and a couple of samples of a “Rose of Morocco” shower gel. Thank you Lanterna, thank you Horrya! (I’m writing surrounded by rose scent *_*)

° my as furry as beloved Clò Stinkerbell Von Digger (other name for Countess Clothilde Leftovers), who mirrors and cures my emotivity, she always gets me

° new episodes of Criminal Minds, Reed, we’ve missed you

° slow motion Banana

° mythological creatures

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