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Friday list. Nice things. Nice things. And nice things.

° a small dinner table, all to us three, at the Greek restaurant, yummy spreads and a lot of chats
° take my mom and my aunt C to have fun in a serious clothing shop, do everything in two hours, way to good!
° Giorgio’s skewers, always successful!
° my chocolate cake in its veg version (well… almost… I thought that the shortening I used was without dairys… but turns out “New recipe! With milk!” what the…???) anyway it was good as always (yes, I’m tooting my own horn, alright? U_U)
° a nice home-y evening with good company
° a sunday spent playing “Vegetate” (aka = antisocial game, where the purpose is doing nothing but vegetating like a plant in a pot. Give it a try, it’s wonderful. Better done on the couch with a book)
° feeling brave, more than I thought I was
° my “tarot of the day” (I’ve resumed playing with my decks ^^)… maybe I can make a post about this…
° sunday night’s pizza, with my supersoft niece by our side
° the sound of rain pouring outside, listening to it from beneath the blankets
° an afternoon tea with a friend, chatting a lot, in a cute lilac and slightly baroque tearoom
° cheeseburger with my aunt, it’s always tastier with good company
° compromises that make everyone happy, yay
° finally a blue sky, going out for a walk, breathe the cold air, warm my face in the sun
° our “free nights” 😉
° mythological creatures

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