Musa’s Box

Here I am with a pre-christmas Musa’s Box, the other bloggers who write it (that I know of) are: Giada, Francesca, Manu, La mora, Siobhan, Stella.
To those who don’t know what this is all about: once a week you write a list of little “lived treasures” in the past week, not to say “yay life is all rainbows and pink bunnies” but to learn to appreciate small things, which are the ones that make us remember how lucky we are, even in bad days. Or at least this is the aim 😉

° Mr Faun back in Italy!!!
° finally some furniture in the Nook (like… a couch 😉 )
° Ikea (and unrolling the mattrasses) and the “sale corner”
° the kitchen, being delivered and mounted today
° the endless little projects to finish the Nook
° Ikea’s meatballs (and eating them when you’re starving)
° nap close
° little souvenirs from Singapore (the kimonoooooo *_*)
° my brother in Italy for christmas
° going on vacation in a little more than a week (finally!)
° writing well dued emails
° incredibly fit presents for Yule 😉
° quiche with leek and potatoes, I’m saying so myself but, it was oh so yummy!
° being done with christmas presents in two lunchbreaks, oh yeah!
° furry boots (fakefur ;)), very warm
° the golden fonzie (cheese chips) XD
° Mr Faun, always
° colourful dawns before blu skied days
° obsidian (straigth from Sardinia) and crystal pendents: the first one “Bans bad luck and is suited to those who are too rational, since it moves the excessive self-control.” and “use it with a white crystal”, the second one “Stimulates self knowledge and the ability to affirm one’s deepest nature, beliefs and other people’s comprehension. It helps to dissolve emotional issues”. I like it!!!
° Mythological creatures

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2 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

    1. Euforilla Post author

      La ricetta: porro q.b., patate q.b., pasta brisé pronta, olio, sale, dado, ricotta, grana, cumino, forno. Gnam.
      (Ovviamente porro e patate saltano in padella un pochino, prima)
      Spero che funzioni per bene il bottoncino :)

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