Not your usual Christmas carols

In my family we say that if you do Christmas stuff (decoring, cooking, gift-wrapping) without the proper Christmas-music background, said stuff won’t turn out as well as they could.

Even though this year I learned by heart “Rudolph the red nose reinder” to cure the obsessive tune (when they become obsessive like that you have to banish them) this does not mean that I do not like Christmas carols after all.
I mean, Frank Sinatra wasn’t just a somebody passing by… and so on.

But most of all I like those songs that are played a little differently from the classics: Trans-Siberian Orchestra above all and Loreena McKennitt are my favourite.

This year, by pure chance, I’ve “found” two songs I immediately loved. So, enough chatting, I’ll just post the videos to these “new” songs (they’re new to me, at least) and one which is always a classic :).
I wish you all a wonderful holiday time, and enjoy the music!


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