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It’s friday, time for another list of nice! For those of you passing by here for the first time, here’s how it works: once a week you jot down a list of all the things you’ve done or all the things that happened that you are grateful for, it’s good for your mood 😉

rose hips drupe snow winter frozen inverno neve brina

° a wonderful sunny day, the sky was so clear you could see all the Alps, they looked like they were painted, gorgeous!
° pasta with artichokes, I improvised the recipe, but it was very good!
° a walk downtown, our favourite pub, with friends, going home walking, it was so nice outside
° being determined, quick, super-efficient! U_U
° my ebook reader, my Nook, oh, so great!!!
° garlic powder, thank you Chiara and thanx to the Vegan Black Metal Chef as well!!!
° talking to Sa, about serious and less serious stuff, we always get eachother
° being able to say things as they are, setting some priorities straight at work U_U
° verzata, sooo yummy! And the apple crumble with vanilla icecream on top
° being willing to do again my detox diet, to go running again at the park (and maybe, like in Yes Man, joing running and photography XD)
° the snow, walk during the snowfall, catching a snowflake with my tongue, stepping through the park of the castle to see everything whitened, the red rosehips, hydrangeas with white puffs instead of dried flowers, crows jumping around leaving footprints in the snow, not being the only one who stepped there just to see how beautiful it is (sadly I had no battery charge and I couldn’t take pictures… but I enjoyed the moment :)
° cuddles, sometimes you just need cuddles U_U
° mythological creatures

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