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Friday 17, well, we also had monday 13 but no one bat an eye 😛
List of nice, that might also be a lucky charm, on its way in three, two one…


° A girls’ night out with my Millis
° the (not) so much steampunk outfit: ochre shirt, oxblood lipstick, tons of charm necklaces in brass and my stripey bangle with teapot U_U
° home made pancakes, super easy and super yummy and drenched in maple syrup
° switching to my A/W wardrobe, finally more cardigans and sweaters and jumpers in my closet 😛
° our Nook all cleaned up and perfumed, it’s always a treat!
° working from home: scented candles, soft music, ergonomical seat, warm cat U_U
° my mom who always gets me
° stereomood and the super rainy day
° ecofriendly cleaning products on sale at the supermarket 😛
° a small, homemade, birthday party for my husband, inviting his mom, sister and our niece over for dinner, cooking yummy food, tasting the cake my mother-in-law made “just like the one she made when we were kids!” (very good indeed!)
° brutal, ruthless and super useful advices!!!
° my Stinkerbell keeping me warm when I had some fever
° curing away my fever watching Pirates of the Caribbean (all of it)
° tidying up my pc desktop and putting a ridiculously cute halloween themed wallpaper U_U
° mythological creatures (and all the cool stuff they’ll get to do in these upcoming days)

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