Musa’s Box

Here follows my weelky list of gratitude, an exercise to remind myself how my life is full of wonder. Try it out, would you? It’s fun, and healthy, and makes you magical like a silver unicorn U_U


° begin a new list shortly after posting another one
° having learned how to make my pictures go from “low mobile quality” to “I can almost suspect this is a reflex”
° a plate of focaccia & pizza, yummy!!!
° see IRL and touch a dress bought online (for my little cousin) to “sample” the website, see that it is really good quality and well made, decide to get a serious dress for myself too! (well hello ink blue chiffon!)
° try on a “magazine worthy” dress, it was so exagerated, so “Dallas”, so crazy! When was I going to have another chance, uh? XD
° “Educazione siberiana” to the cinema, I went compelled by my friend Lanterna, even though I still haven’t read the book (a thing I’ll do soon, Lanterna’s becoming my official good books dealer! U_U) great movie, great actors, Salvatores has done yet again a great jobs, and the scenery is great too! I really liked it!
° an uber lazy sunday, tucked inside our Nook with a horrid weather outside, spending time cuddling Clothilde, cooking and making home smell like apple&cinnamon muffins (sooooo good!!!)
° this woman: Alex Beadon and her website. Just wonderful!
° speaking of websites: Mystic Medusa. I know, I’ve spoke at length about why I do not believe in horoscopes, and it’s still so, but I remember that I also wrote that I have fun in reading horoscopes, and Mystic Medusa’s site looks fun :) (and very well made if you, instead, are into horoscopes!)
° Problogger’s group writing, I had fun writing my visionboard tutorial, I think I’ll keep up with other “How to”s :)
° the sun is baaaaack *_*
° oatmeal cookies
° The Ultimate You Mindfest, by Steve Pavlina and Paul Scheele, a very hippy thing with “online lessons” and paraliminals… for now I’m actually relaxed, let’s see how I’ll be by the end of the week :)
° Flora Bowley’s book “Brave intuitive painting“, I’ll review it better soon, but for now I’m so happy I’ve received it so quickly *_*
° pasta with zucchine
° go running, push my resistance a little bit, witness my body keeping up with it, see a lot of animals, better than National Geographic
° mythological creatures, no matter how much or how little furry they are 😀

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