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Here we are with a new list of nice from the past week. Those things that make you smile and think “thank you world”… it really seems that constant practice of positive thought and a feeling genuinely grateful will improve your mood & co.
Bloggers that joined these lists: Giada, Francesca, Manu, La mora, Siobhan (the only one in english here, and she does it her own way, that I love ^_^)
Today I’ve got a little bit more time on my my hands so I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts lately, but things at the Nook are going great, things at work take another big chunk of time and in what I’ve left I spend time with family, with the Faun or I rest (I keep up with vitamins :D).

° another mythological weekend
° Leroy Merlin (which is a DIY center dedicated to all things home) where there are endless solutions (for cheap) and very nice people
° Carboni, local paint store… I can’t help but loving these kind of DIY places instead of shoes shops!!!
° find pretty tiles for the kitchen… and then finding the exact same tiles (Living, the name U_U) at half the price (hurray once again for Leroy Merlin! Take that Edilcommercio! :D)
° a lot of little things to fix home, organize big things and, drumroll please… buying the kitchen!!!
° Ikea meatballs, with cranberry sauce (which apparently helps digestion)
° Ikea people, no matter what time it is, they’re always helpful
° impromptu free evenings, to spend on the couch watching tv series like “the old times” XD
° nice people, in general!
° applying a bit of healthy egoism
° The Big Bang Theory
° my raspberry beret and my warm stripey gloves
° works for the Nook going fast :)
° hand cream from Equilibra, with shea butter, it rejuvenated my hands!
° pictures and colours 😉
° liking myself always a little bit more, just as I am
° mythological creatures

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5 thoughts on “Musa’s Box

  1. manuki

    Questa tua scatola di oggi mi ha riportato a 5 anni fa quando anche noi lavoravamo alacremente per allestire la nostra tana!
    Viva Leroymerlin (è colpa sua se abbiamo dipinto una stanza con tre colori diversi!!) Viva l’ikea in generale e le sue cucine in particolare! anche se non ne monterò mai più una, promesso!
    Viva le polpettine!

    ed infine… Definitivamente Viva The big bang Theory, una delle serie più belle di questo periodo (nel suo genere)

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