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Brian Froud

° a walk downtown and lunch with my aunt (Stradivarius, let’s deal with it, you have very pretty clothes in this period, but who hell is going to buy a chiffon tanktop in december???)
° a walk with mom, and starting to think about christmas presents
° a day in Milan, blog meetup (with loads of Kinder chocolate, yes, only serious stuff gets stuck with me :P) and panels about how to run a creative blog
° Sa offering delivery dinner, none of us wanted to cook 😛
° Jumbo’s hamburgers, yummy!
° home made pizza, waaaay too good! (at least I could taste the different ingredients, crust, tomato – straight from Calabria U_U – and cheese… in the delivery one, lately, I’ve been chewing on molted, elastic cheese and that was it…)
° our neighbourhood, I like it *_*
° autumn, really being autumn: coloured leaves still on trees and scattered all around, the seather still not too chill, rain, fog
° tea and biscuits
° my new wintery desktop wallpaper
° a nice trip to Artigiano in Fiera with my mommy
° the other book by Freud in the mail ^_^
° Sa taking care of me during a sudden (and luckily very quick) fever
° Stinkerbell keeping me warm
° her new scratching post, she likes it so much and it fits just the spot
° Sa at home on a friday, spending the morning running errands
° mythological creatures

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